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Foot Treatment From an Expert Podiatrist in Gainesville, Florida

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Since 2007, we have been providing trusted treatments to patients of all ages and walks of life.
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We care about each patient and strive to give them treatment that will enable fuller, pain-free lives.
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Our friendly team is prepared to serve you. Fill out the new patient forms to assure a speedy appointment.
Podiatric Medicine for All Ages
Do you suffer from bunions, hammertoes or flat feet? These common foot conditions can keep you from enjoying your favorite activities. Get back on your feet with the help of specialty treatments from Jere A. Scola. Our podiatric office specializes in podiatric medicine for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re seven or 70, we offer physical therapy, surgery and more to get you feeling better.

About Dr. Scola
Our primary podiatric specialist, Dr. Scola, has a passion for podiatry. With full qualifications and 18 years of diverse, hands-on experience, you can count on him to resolve any of your foot-related concerns. As members of the American Podiatric Medical Association, we are qualified to diagnose and treat a wide variety of foot ailments. Our practice handles everything from diabetic foot care and wound care to sports medicine and surgery.
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Why Choose Us?
Since 2007, our office has been a local favorite for podiatric care. Gainesville residents love Dr. Scola and the friendly staff at our location. We make our patients feel welcome and appreciated and treat every case with care and compassion. 

Our team never sends patients home without ensuring their satisfaction; your pain relief should last well beyond your appointment. That’s why we dispense diabetic shoes, compression socks and orthotics upon request. We also offer therapy groups for those with certain conditions. Our office accepts nearly all insurances so you’re sure to be able to obtain needed treatments with us. 

Experience a Pain-Free Life

If you suffer from chronic foot pain in any form, relief is in sight through Jere A. Scola. Schedule your first appointment today by calling our office. 


“I have had heel pain for months, tried to treat with Internet research. Dr Scola gave me many options on how to treat my foot pain, and thanks to his help I'm finally better. Staff was helpful and got my appointment quickly.” — Kelly
“Where do I start!! The man was Gifted by God !!! When I first met him I was going to a doctor to get my foot amputated because of an infection. Well I wanted a second opinion and I HAVENT LEFT THIS MAN SINCE ! It has been about 12 yrs since I have known him and I have both feet !!! He is serious and professional and he is caring and funny. I kid him alot and say he needs to charge for counseling services because after you see him you just want to pour your heart out to him.. The waiting isnt long because he knows what the hell he is doing. You NEVER HAVE to worry about anything below your knees with this doctor and yes HE IS A DOCTOR and I am HONORED TO CALL HIM ONE. Cant say much for all the QUACKS that expect you to call them that and can help you more.. You will NEVER EVER find a podiatrist like him ANYWHERE!!” — Barbara P.