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Non-Narcotic Pain Management in Gainesville, Florida

Avoiding Opioid Medications

Managing your acute or chronic pain may sometimes involve opioid therapy. While effective in relieving pain, these medications come with a risk of vomiting, constipation, physical dependence, tolerance and more. The use of non-narcotic pain medications to manage your discomfort limits the amount of opioid needed and is the ideal approach to relief. At Jere A. Scola, our office takes full advantage of non-narcotic pain medications to keep patients both comfortable and safe.

Non-Narcotic Analgesics

When used carefully, non-narcotic pain relievers are a great addition to your medicine cabinet. Most of these medications work by lessening the sense of pain and reducing inflammation. The team at Jere A. Scola can supply you with the non-narcotic pain reliever that is best for your individual condition. Consult with us for information about dosage and side-effects.
Foot with inflammation

Learn Which Medications We Offer

For more specific information regarding the medications we utilize at our office, give us a call today. We’re happy to answer your questions and, where possible, provide you with safe pain relievers in the place of opioids.