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Ingrown Toenail and Wart Treatment in Gainesville, Florida

Common Inconveniences

Plantar warts and ingrown toenails are common occurrences. They are also low in severity as long as they are treated quickly. If you are experiencing the inconvenience of an ingrown toenail or wart, come to Jere A. Scola to have it removed as quickly and painlessly as possible. We treat children and adults and use the latest and most effective methods of removal.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails occur as a result of improper nail trimming, picking at toenails, direct injury or wearing shoes that are tight in the toe. They usually occur on the inside edge of the big toe and happen to people of all ages. Some people may not experience pain from an ingrown toenail until an infection occurs. In severe cases, our efficient staff can remove your nail or a portion of your nail and resolve the infection.

Our treatment method is quick; it involves a minor surgical procedure that usually lasts five minutes or less. The goal of the procedure is to remove the nail or the root of the nail in more problematic cases. First, the podiatrist will numb your toe. Discomfort is brief and lasts 10 seconds or less. We then cut out the portion of the nail that is growing into the skin.

Plantar Warts

There are numerous ways of removing warts depending on their size and location. Our podiatric team may use medication, surgical removal or both depending on the severity of your case. Freezing or burning the wart may also be an effective treatment method. With skill and precision, we minimize pain in this process.

After your treatment, we recommend keeping your feet clean and dry to prevent future infection as warts have a tendency of recurring. Avoid walking barefoot around public places; the wart virus is rampant in swimming pools and gym locker rooms. Ask our office before using over-the-counter methods for your feet as these can be dangerous to your skin and circulation.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Warts and ingrown toenails are simple and relatively painless to remove. Stop living with the pain they cause and get professional treatment. Call Jere A. Scola for a free consultation on your procedure. We provide orthotics to aid in your healing.